Finnbogi Petursson

Finnbogi Petursson, is known for electronic works that fuse sound, sculpture, architecture, drawings and moving components. Sound itself is his primary material, typically incorporated into spare sculptural installations that can involve multiple audio speakers placed on the wall, the floor or within columns. The speakers emit sequences of single tones that make what Petursson likes to call "drawings": forms consisting not of visible marks but of invisible sound waves. For a recent piece in Cologne, vibrating metal panels at either end of the gallery sent out sound waves that mixed in the middle of the room to yield the so-called Schumann resonance--the ultralow frequency that characterizes the space between the earth's surface and the ionosphere. Petursson's sound sculptures often elicit a palpable sense of mystery and discovery, suggesting an openness to the kind of world-shaping powers that are especially evident in Iceland


- Gregory Volk, Art in Amarica, 2001